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Adonis (アドニス Adonisu?) was the son of Julius.


Adonis was a slim child with long, blonde hair and brown eyes (blue in the movie). In the anime, he wears a green shirt, but in the movie he wears grey noble clothes.


He was a timid young boy who trained with his father in swordplay, who was excessively brutal and harsh when they sparred.[1]


Adonis was trained by his father in swordsmanship so that he could become the leader of the White Dragon Knights. Despite this, it is shown that Adonis was still a novice.[1]


Golden Age Arc[]

When he was young, Adonis lost his mother, and he has been raised by his father Julius and caretaker Hassan ever since. When Guts infiltrates General Julius' manor to assassinate Julius at Griffith's behest, he witnesses Adonis training with his father. Adonis' father has great expectations of him; he exclaims that Adonis is to succeed him as leader of what he believes to be the mightiest force in Midland, the White Dragon Knights. Furthermore, Julius states that Adonis may marry his cousin, Princess Charlotte, and rule all Midland. Hiding behind a chimney, Guts is reminded of his relationship with Gambino while watching Julius train his son. Once the session is done, Hassan tries to comfort the young noble, asking him to not resent Julius' actions. He later pleads with Julius to be less intense in his sessions with Adonis, reminding the general that the boy is only thirteen years old and misses his late mother.[1]

After his assassination of Julius, Guts accidentally stabs the young boy through the chest when he approaches the door to the scene.[1] Adonis grasps Guts' hand before he dies, much to the swordsman's horror. According to the caretaker Hassan, Adonis never once saw his father smile.[2]



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